Our See Your Self(ie) in Recovery campaign launched in September 2018 to celebrate Recovery Month. To continue spreading this message of hope, we'll be running the campaign again this year and we’ll need more selfies! Your stories & selfies have been a great source of strength, positivity & inspiration for the Faces & Voices community, so please keep sending them in so we can share them.

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Christine S
I was graced with the gift of recovery on December 19, 2013. Will be celebrating my 5 years but it is truly one day at a time with the help of a power greater than me. Being of service is another gift....
Dawn Oviatt
Each day is a gift from god, treasure it. Remember the sooner you ask for forgivness the sooner you can forgive yourself.
It’s been almost eight years since I started on my journey of recovery. I’ve since gotten married, had two children, went back to school, and now own my own business doing something that I love. Life is in no way perfect, but I’m beyond thankful for the second chance at life that sobriety has given me....
Recovery Day
Regina, September 2018
Sober since January 2 2012. Never felt better!
I’m Richard - Alumni of London Drug Treatment Court February 3rd/2012.
On behalf of the Recovery Day Niagara 2018 Planning Team!
Celebrating 14 months in recovery today! My mental illness struggles with poor coping skills lead me to a drug addiction, one that I thought I would never get out of. It's surreal for me to wake up everyday healthy and happy....
Paul C Reitzel
Never give up. Even if it takes 999 tries. Every attempt at sobriety is a victory,bringing you one step closer to freedom. You got this. Oh...and don't be afraid to ask for help. You will be amazed at the beautiful people who will step up....
I am a woman in long term recovery. I celebrate my recovery each day in gratitude for the gifts I have received such as a return of joy, love, laughter and freedom. I continue to learn from others and to share my experience strength and hope with those who ask....
Just remember 3 things: Once you change who you surround yourself with you will change your life The sun always rises again. Life can get hard but you were made to get through this.
Kevin Foley and Ardyth Wilson
There is no shame in recovery
It takes courage and time. But in the end proves success. Here I am in my 4th year of recovery and many more to come!