Our See Your Self(ie) in Recovery campaign launched in September 2018 to celebrate Recovery Month. To continue spreading this message of hope, we'll be running the campaign again this year and we’ll need more selfies! Your stories & selfies have been a great source of strength, positivity & inspiration for the Faces & Voices community, so please keep sending them in so we can share them.

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Participating Cities 2019

Our Recovery Month page is intended to help people locate events in their province, or to provide information on setting up an event in their city if none exist yet. Faces & Voices of Recovery Canada claim no ownership nor take any credit for the events across Canada, we simply highlight them all. 

Don’t see your city? Click here for more information and a toolkit on getting  your own recovery day event started.

Calgary8th September 20191:00 pm
Lethbridge21st September 20192:00 pm
Red Deer7th September 20192:00 pm

New Westminster7th September12:00 pm

Brandon7th September 20191:00 pm
Winnipeg14th September 201911:00 am
Goderich27th September 201911:30 am
London20th September 20197:00 am
Hamilton18th September 20193:30 pm
Niagara25th September 20193:00 pm
North Bay21st September 20199:30 am
Thunder Bay4th September 20197:30 pm
Toronto4th September 2019 
Stratford20th September 201911:30 am
Windsor-Essex14th September 20191:00 pm

Fredericton11th September 20192:15 pm
Moncton16th September 20191:00 pm




Regina20th September 20191:45 pm