Our See Your Self(ie) in Recovery campaign launched in September 2018 to celebrate Recovery Month. To continue spreading this message of hope, we'll be running the campaign again this year and we’ll need more selfies! Your stories & selfies have been a great source of strength, positivity & inspiration for the Faces & Voices community, so please keep sending them in so we can share them.

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Project Roadmap

Upcoming projects for FAVOR Canada include:
  • Working with the Federal government to have September declared National Addiction Recovery Awareness Month. Please visit the Recovery Month page to get involved!
  • Obtaining charitable status
  • “Find Your Self(ie) in Recovery” Campaign – Coming September 2018
  • “Just Say Know” Education Campaign – Coming Fall 2018
Our ongoing missions:
  • Fostering RCOs (Recovery Community Organizations) and RCCs (Recovery Community Centres)
  • Collaborating with local, provincial and national organizations operating within the realms of addiction and recovery
  • Conducting public education and awareness campaigns for recovery

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