Faces & Voices of Recovery Canada has some great news! To continue our work growing and mobilizing Canadian recovery communities, we are pleased to announce our newly launched philanthropic division, FAVOR Canada. Our mission is simple: We raise funds to help raise others!

Our fund-raising work at FAVOR Canada is focussed on assisting individuals, families, treatment centres and recovery support services in the addiction and mental health sector.

Our first recipient is a 30 year old, young man struggling with severe alcohol use and anxiety. His story is likely familiar to those who have struggled with addiction in our families and communities across North America.


Today, you can help by being part of FAVOR’s TwentyforTwenty campaign. We require 210 donors of $20 each, to help pay the balance of this young man’s intensive treatment costs and support him in his journey to long term recovery. In the spirit of paying it forward, he has committed to give 20% of his monthly pay to our TwentyforTwenty Fund; to support others who may come after him and struggle to find the means to pay for treatment or first and last month’s rent, or clothes for returning to work.


Please share this note on our behalf and if you are able to, please direct your Twenty for Twenty ($20 donation) by etransfer to